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We Broadcast About Jesus

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243-A Riverchase Way, Lexington, SC 29072 - Phone 803-794-9673 We LOVE WBAJ

Dear Friends:

Imagine the evangelist's wildest dreams:

  • Meetings from sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year, with thousands of consistent attendees, and new attendees every day.
  • Imagine the attendees staying to listen to the meetings all day long.
  • Imagine pastors and Sunday school teachers attending, copying the sermons so they can teach their own churches, buying resources, and encouraging their entire church to attend the meetings.
  • Imagine 60% of the attendees being men, who lead their families to change because of what they hear.
  • Imagine attendees coming and going, and then showing up at church to say they want to join and become a member.
  • Imagine meetings that can be heard any time by several million people wherever they are.

This is not imagination. THIS IS WBAJ RADIO. It is God's station, and has had all the above results and more.

Through unadulterated truth doctrinally and healthfully, WBAJ has broken the mold and shown the world how to get results from their radio stations.  WBAJ is the best prejudice remover the state of South Carolina has ever had! In the future, when laws are enacted against those who will obey God instead of man, the training they have obtained from WBAJ will show as a bright star on a dark night.

Have you listened? This is your opportunity to grow the truth and grow your church. Please spread the word.  We are also offering our services for your church vespers, so you can hear testimonials first-hand. We are only a radio frequency and phone call away.

Click on this image to hear a 45-second endorsement of WBAJ
by Ted Wilson, President of the SDA General Conference.

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