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Baptisms, Testimonials and Other Letters

Growing up, I never had much of a relationship with God. I went to church every Sunday only because my father demanded it for as long as I lived under his roof. When I left for college, there was no one there to wake me up and tell me to get dressed and go to church, so I just stopped going. I tried to fill the void with everything else imaginable. When I finally hit rock bottom, my life had no place left to go but up. Eventually, after graduation, I moved back closer to home and got a job. Then I began to attend the only church I was familiar with, the Baptist Church I had grown up in. There I started getting involved with the church activities, such as helping out within the community.

But the pivotal moment in my life was when I made the decision to read the Bible through from cover to cover. I had never done this before, and I wanted to see what it would say to me. As I was reading, the Holy Spirit revealed to me certain passages and truths that were contrary to what I had been taught all my life. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that having all the different Christian denominations could not have been in God’s plan. At that moment I got down on my knees and prayed t o God, saying that I would continue attending the only church I was familiar with unless He would lead me somewhere else. Then, I promised, I would follow His leading.

What happened next was simply amazing! Within the next week I received a flyer on my front door that was an advertisement for a local Christian broadcasting station, which I had not even known existed. I still get goose-bumps when I think back on how the Lord worked to bring the truth that I was searching for right to my front door! The following morning on my way to work I tuned in to WBAJ 890 AM just in time to catch Doug Batchelor presenting Bible Answers Live. I was really excited that this station was more than hours and hours of praise music and Christian rock, but was more about thought-provoking Biblical truths expressed in a variety of ways. I knew that it was the Lord’s leading, and it wasn’t long before I found and contacted the Amazing Facts web site, and signed myself up for the Bible studies they offered. After completing them, I knew that I had found the true church and was ready to be baptized. There was still one problem: I had not yet found a local church to join. This was about the time that Pastor Doug began advertising his downlink series The Most Amazing Prophecies. Praise God! I was not able to get it at my home! Everything kept falling in place one by one. I had to search for a local site that would be hosting this event. That location eventually became the church I joined by baptism.

I owe my conversion into God's Remnant Church to his divine leading, and help from an Adventist all-talk radio station, which I truly believe in and support.

God bless you, and I thank you for your ministry! It is a wonderfully inspiring blessing to me and, I'm sure, to many others as well.
I have a somewhat urgent need and request: On Monday, there were three particular messages presented that I could really use, and which I will list by my priority of importance. Due to my circumstances that day, I missed the beginning of the first two listed, and consequently do not know who gave the message.

1. Just after Pastor Doug Batchelor’s program between noon and 1:00 pm, a rather scholarly sermon was given about creation, which included a lot of information about the original Hebrew wording in the Genesis account.

2. Between 9:00 and 10:00 am a health lecture about cholesterol and diet. I had been to see my Doctor that day and my cholesterol levels are extremely high. Isn't it something how the Lord had me tune in for that particular message! I am rarely listening at that time of the day. Our loving Father often causes situations like that. Unfortunately we often may not recognize it or may dismiss it as circumstance.

3. Pastor Doug Batchelor’s message that included information about symbolic dates and numbers

Please forgive me for bothering you with this; I'm sure you stay quite busy and get many such requests. If you can make copies for me, I’ll reimburse you for time and costs. If you are unable to provide copies, please try to provide specific information as to how I might obtain them.

Thank you so much for all you do.
Dear WBAJ Radio,

Here is just a little donation. I enjoy listening to your programs whenever I can. Thank You,
Last week I was in Columbia visiting from Massachusetts, and listened on Monday about 12:30 in the afternoon to Pastor Doug who was speaking on eternal hell. I would like to get a copy of that sermon on tape or CD if available and would be happy to contribute for a copy of it. Who is Pastor Doug, and where else can I find his teachings, speakings, books, etc.? Thank you and God Bless.

Dear WBAJ,

Thanks for your station. I appreciate the variety of your programming, especially “Your Story Hour”, the Prophecy programs, Dr. Doug’s programs, etc. The book “I Will Die Free” in my opinion needs to be re-read frequently.
Dear WBAJ,

I don’t know who was preaching, but I listened to a sermon about the importance of Baptism this morning and it really touched me. I want to hear it again. Is it available? It was around 8:30 and was not over, but I had to go into work so I missed the end. Your station is a real blessing! The Truth about sleep until the resurrection has given me a renewed zeal to share God’s word.
Dear WBAJ Radio,

Here’s a gift to thank you for your radio ministry. I love every program, and the programming has been very helpful to me. Please keep up the good work you are doing in sharing the truth. I have enjoyed the material that I have received.
Dear WBAJ Radio,

Much appreciated is “Dr. Doug’s” presentations. Also, Hal Holbrook’s. I really enjoyed last week’s Dr. Doug sermon on Revelation 13 and the United States.
Dear WBAJ,

Thank you for your regular and special programs, especially Dr. Doug’s programs, Prophecy programs, Adoration Song Book Hymns, and Your Story Hour, to mention only a few.

Dear WBAJ,

We love Doug Batchelor at noon and the children’s story hour from 3 to 4 p.m. Keep up the good work!

Dear WBAJ,

Thank you for proclaiming the Gospel of Christ! God bless you all now and always.

Dear WBAJ Radio,

Please accept this small donation. I know it’s just a “drop in the bucket”, but it is given with deep appreciation.

I enjoy listening to your morning programs, and I’ve learned things about subjects that I would never have learned had WBAJ not been on the air. I talked to a man at your station on Monday and just wanted to say that he was very courteous and helpful.

May God continue to bless your station that it might remain on the air and continue to give out true insights on subjects we all need to know about in these last days.

Dear WBAJ Radio,

Thank you for your ministry. As always, “Dr. Doug” [Batchelor] is a favorite.

Lately, Joni’s programs have been excellent. It was a delight to hear the voice of her husband today.

Also, the various doctors and health programs. Thanks again for all these delightful programs.

Thanks so much for finding [a radio program] sermon for me. It means a lot because I will share it with a few of my family and friends, one of which is now joining our church by listening to WBAJ and finding answers to questions she could not get from the church she was attending. God continue to bless you and the radio ministry. She also heard [this program] and enjoyed the sermon.

I enjoy your programs -- the health lectures that remind us how we should live healthfully, and the Bible studies to remind us to study the Bible.

I was traveling through Columbia, South Carolina [today] and heard the best sermon on your station from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. I’m not sure who the speaker was, but I was wondering if you could send me the information so I could order a copy of the sermon. Thanks very much

I must say that I was truly blessed with another one of Stephen Bohr’s messages today.

At 2 p.m. today I listened to your radio station for the first time. I heard a minister talk about God’s word and how you can benefit from it in seven ways. I would like to have a copy of this program.

Dear WBAJ,

I really enjoy the programming on your station. It is very informative and in many ways entertaining too. “Bible Answers Live” and the various programs on Health and Nutrition are currently my favorites. Thanks for all your hard work and commitment to Biblical standards (Truth).

Five years ago when I started attending a local Seventh-day Adventist Church, I discovered WBAJ – 890 AM on my radio dial.

I have all four of my home radios set on WBAJ, also my car radio is programmed to WBAJ. This radio station is a witnessing tool to the truth of God’s word. Each and every day, I believe that WBAJ gets better with its programming.

Some of the programs I love the most are “Bible Answers Live” with Pastor Doug Batchelor. I feel as if I know Pastor Doug personally. He has such great knowledge of the Bible that he is sharing with others.

My next favorite is David Asscherick. I started learning of the Adventist Church with David’s “revelation” tapes. I still listen to them. He is one of the best Adventist preachers I’ve ever heard. I love it when he calls his listeners “Beloved.”

On Sabbath morning, as I prepare for church, I have the opportunity to listen to Pastor Doug Batchelor as he teaches our Sabbath School lesson at his church, Sacramento Central. This enables me to participate in our Sabbath School.

At one of our local churches, Pastor John Earnhardt and his lovely wife, Crystal, have their own “Bible Answers Live and Prayer” program on Wednesdays from 12 noon until 12:30 PM. It’s a great way to spend your lunch break, and Crystal is such a great asset to Pastor John.

On Tuesdays, local cooking experts Barbara Kerr and Claudia Wells are Changing the World “One Bite at a Time.” Barbara has a segment on good nutrition and health style, which we all should adhere to.

Pastor Doug comes on every day, except Wednesdays, at noon with his church services from Sacramento Central.

Other programs that are absolutely great are the ones on nutrition and medical concerns. These doctors are very knowledgeable on how we can live healthy lives through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

On Sundays at 9:00 AM, a show about diabetes and how to live with it, is very informative for me, since I am a diabetic.

Each day we hear from the founder Amazing Facts, Joe Crews.

There are other programs that make the Bible so real, by Pastor Lonnie Melashenko (Voice of Prophecy) and the programs on archaeology, making even the Ark of the Covenant so real.

Hal Holbrook, on his teaching on the Sabbath, is another of the programs that is on top of my list. I have learned so much about the Sabbath and how our forefathers suffered and were persecuted for keeping the Lord’s Sabbath Day. He IS Lord of the Sabbath.

We should all pray for our wonderful WBAJ and for the people making this radio station possible. As much as possible, we should financially support WBAJ. It is our witnessing tool. My prayer is that other denominations, beside the Adventists, have found this station on their radio dial.

C found WBAJ after some of her non-SDA friends told her there was a good Christian talk station on the AM dial. She had no raadio in her house that worked, so for about four to six weeks, she would daily sit in her car

for about four to six weeks, she would daily sit in her car for long periods of time to listen to programs.  She says she burned a lot of gasoline, because when it was cold she would run the car to keep warm.  He husband finally bought her an indoor radio so she could listen in their home.<

<>G  was a Jewish lady who had become a Lutheran.  Her Lutheran church had decided to sponsor her to go to the Lutheran Seminary to become a Lutheran Minister.  Then she heard WBAJ and was very excited to hear about the Sabbath and other doctrines.  Her husband was furious about her interest with a strange religion and giving up her scholarship.  He told her that he would divorce her if she joined the SDA church.  She felt he meant it and prayed.  Her husband briefly listened to the programs on WBAJ and said SDA's might not be as strange as he once thought, but he still was very upset that she was involved.  At her baptism, G again asked for prayer for her marriage.

and P were both recently baptised.  J had been raised Catholic, then he left all religion.  Later he and his wife attended Assembly of God churches, but then stopped, choosing to "just read the Bible."  They first noticed that they should eat only clean meats and then felt they should worship on a particular day.  They first tried Sunday, but that didn't work.  Then they tried Friday, and that didn't work.  Then they were trying Saturday from midnight to midnight.  During this time, J was driving and happened across WBAJ on the dial, and one of the first sermons that he heard was by Doug Batchelor.  In the next hour and a half, he discussed two topics: clean meats and the Sabbath This was just what J and P were following!  They were extremely excited and kept listening and studying.  They had thought Seventh-day Adventists were a cult.  He says he looked up SDA's in the phone books and found a little one with twenty members near where he lives.  As he kept listening, he heard Pastor Tony from the First Church in "Lexington", who invited people to come.  He thought he meant Lexington, Kentucky.  But then he heard Pastor Tony mention I-20 that goes through Lexington, S.C.  He says he tells everyone about the Sabbath whether he knows the person or not.  When he was baptized, he almost cried and said from the baptismal tank, "I want to thank this church for supporting WBAJ.  Thank you, thank you for supporting

showed up one Sabbath in December with his little daughter.  He said he had been listening to the radio and Sabbath was right!  He had arranged to stop working on Sabbaths and he wanted to be baptized.<

<">"Being diagnosed in June 2000 with cancer, I suddenly found myself unable to work and to attend church for one year due to the side effects of chemotherapy.  My immune system was immediately destroyed after the first treatment so I could have no visitors except for occasional visits by my pastor, Tony Cirigliano, and his wife, Mary Ann, who always brought me hope and encouragement.

Before I had cancer, I would listen to WBAJ on the way to work and on the way home after work.  I always enjoyed listening to the station.  Once I was home all day, I began listening when I first got up in the morning.  It was then that I became hooked on this radio station.  I was introduced to a whole host of new speakers I had never heard before.  I was familiar with Doug Batchelor, Mark Finley, C.D. Brooks, Dwight Nelson, the Voice of Prophecy, and my own Pastor Tony, but then I hear Dave Thomas, Phil Schultz, Steve Wohlberg, Kevin Morgan, Kim Kjaer, Elder Boar, Brian McMahan, and John Earnhardt, just to name a few.  In between these speakers, I really enjoy the readings from The Desire of Ages, Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, Patriarchs and Prophets, and The Bible in Living Sound.

I appreciate so much the Christ-centered programming as well as Bible truth being broadcast on WBAJ.  During a time that turned out to be a very lengthy illness for me, this radio station played a big part in meeting my spiritual needs.  The timely messages were just what I needed, as they brought me comfort, reassurance and inspiration.  Thank you, and keep up the great job!"

"Thank you for providing such uplifting, Bible-based information.  I am a daily listener and enjoy what I am hearing so much.  It helps me know the Lord better, so I can do what He would have me do in my own life.  May God bless each of you who bring this precious 'living water' to us via the radio."

"... Your messages are so very fresh and powerful.   I have learned more about Jesus in the past few months of listening to WBAJ than I have in the past many years ..."

"... I am a truck driver ... I was traveling through the Columbia, S.C. area.  I turned the radio on to break the monotony.  I scanned all the FM stations.  There was nothing of interest.  I switched to AM.  I could tell that it was a religious station that I was listening to.  I assumed it was a religious station just like any other.  Boy, was I wrong!  The minister was in the middle of a sermon.  But the more he talked, the more interesting he became.  The truth that came from this man was incredible ... He was teaching from the book of Revelations.  He was saying things I had never heard before ..."

"... I have become a faithful listener.  Your programming is so much more informative than any other Christian radio I have patronized ..."

"... I applaud what you give to us as listeners ... Let me state how very pleased I am that you exist.  Your 'talk style' of delivery to your listeners is just what we needed, what Dr. Jesus ordered.  I personally had become tired of switching from station to station hoping for something worth my time.  And what a pleasant and rewarding experience it was to stumble upon your station.  Yet, as I contemplate on this, I realized that God does not make coincidences.  He placed you here for one such as I am, one in need of refreshment ... Please continue to give us this quality of inspirational fueling of the spirit as we scurry about our busy day ..."

"... I am a prisoner ... I listen to your station daily with paper and pen.  I am writing to ask for a favor, an investment for the Lord.  Could you please find your way to send me a copy of the book Christ Object Lessons?  I think God wants me to read that book to help equip me for the work He has for me to do when I'm released ..."

"... I cheer on this station's purpose, vision and sacrifice.  This radio station's ... existence on the airways is a tangible, material, and discernable evidence of God's successful work.  Truly I recommend extended hours for this station to reach those having diverse work schedules ..."

"... I find myself hurrying to complete my workday in time to tune in for his (C.D.B.) messages!"

"... I thank the Lord for WBAJ.  I turn the radio on first thing every morning and listen to the broadcast on my way to and from work.  When I arrive home, I turn the radio on again ... May the blessings of the Lord be mightily upon WBAJ and upon all of you who faithfully serve him in this ministry ..."

"Love the website, was able to locate a church near where my sister lives, that will be very helpful as they are having an evangelistic series this fall.  Thanks for the insight of putting all this on the web."

"... I have been away from religion for 30 years now. Not that I don't believe, just that my life went in the wrong direction. ... now I am really trying to put it all together to be able to not only help myself, but others too once I can truly answer their questions.  I am enjoying all the information I am getting ...  I study whenever I can as it is not always easy to hook up with someone to study with ... I need to do many things to get my life on track but with the help of Jesus I think I can make it."  

"I just used the website to answer questions on diet and the secret rapture for two different people.  What a great resource this is!"

"... I love reading and studying the word of God.  I need more of this ... please pray for me."

"I am very pleased with the web site and the radio station; I am taking the Bible study Good News ... I would like to know more about the Adventist Church ..."

"Congratulations for this web site and for all the effort involved ... keep up the good work, and God bless."

" ... I had gone to church on the Sabbath last week [for the first time] ... the day passed so quickly ... and felt very peaceful.  It was not like a typical Saturday after that ... I intend to go ... again this week, for the experience was great!"

A policeman in Columbia, S.C., who has been listening to WBAJ has a lot of his fellow policemen listening, and many told him that they are hearing "truth".

Mr. B., a deacon at a Baptist church, called and said that he has been listening for a long time to the station and has talked to his fellow deacons about the things he is hearing, such as the Sabbath and the state of the dead.  He said that  the other deacons said these things were incorrect at first, but later when they decided they were true, they said it doesn't matter.

Friends of WBAJ were wearing the yellow buttons that say, "I support WBAJ 890 AM Radio."  They went into Lowe's Lumber store, and saw the customer service man.  He asked what the buttons were for, and was told they were for a Christian Talk radio station.  He replied, "Oh yes, I listen to that station."

We have also been told of many other unexpected professional listeners: local eye and dental clinics, park offices, police officers, electric companies, beauty salons, other radio engineers, prisoners in prison, soldiers-in-training, UPS and delivery men, computer stores, and a variety of church pastors!

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One Methodist church even wanted the local SDA pastor to come to their Wednesday evening service to learn more about Adventism.

about Electrical storms love our radio tower!  During one such incidence, the volume dropped way down and left a heavy scratching sound.  One listener called to see if we were having technical difficulties.  He and his friends were sitting right by the radio with the volume all the way up so they could make out most of the words!  He said they would pray for us because, as he saw it, the Prince of the Power of the Air didn't want us on the air because of the wonderful things being broadcast.

One enthusiastic listener wanted a copy of every sermon we've ever broadcast because he said he couldn't get a good reception at his house.  He even wanted to move so he could listen all the time!

DXers (Distant Station Listeners) have written to us from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and ... you couldn't guess it ... Italy!  In the evening, atmospheric changes enable our signal to "skip" -- even possibly to other countries.  Recently, station manager Gary Sherman received a letter from Giovanni Bellabarba in Bologna, Italy!  He wrote about things he had heard on the station, and was simply amazed that he'd received the signal.  "Perhaps the Lord is magnifying the station's transmissions," Gary commented.


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